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Managed Services

Service operations

Service operations consists of working with professional service teams, customer success teams, customer support teams and customer experience teams.

Like most operations roles, service operations aims to support and amplify a team’s capacity in addition to helping them scale. This is a challenging role because it requires balancing the needs of internal stakeholders and external customers.

Most companies might not have a dedicated service operations team to accommodate the day-to-day need for service operations. Rather, there might be specialists assigned to fulfilling service operations needs on the company’s business operations or revenue operations team.


Maintenance of infrastructure

One of the core components in service operations is the setup and maintenance of infrastructure used by the service arm of an organization. That means ensuring not just that the proper tools are in place to maximize the team’s efficiency, but also that the tech stack is easy for their customers to realize value from. Plus internal team members need to be able to easily use the tools and systems in place to create a positive customer experience, monitor customer feedback and progress customer engagements forward.

In addition to maintaining infrastructure, service operations will help with capturing and reporting upon metrics around the teams they support, such as time to resolution, tickets closed, how well services are being delivered, staffing efficiency for teams, customer usage of offerings and the ROI of all of those functions.