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Tech Strategy

Digital product strategy

Digital products drive customer engagement and retention, and digital business models help companies reinvent and stay relevant. A successful digital product strategy is closely linked to the tech strategy.

A new digital business model or product rarely stands on its own. It is often built upon a core competence or domain expertise recorded in one or more legacy systems and/or business processes.

We enable our clients with a successful digital product strategy by including the tech strategy early in the process. We match the business & customer needs with the existing systems & technology landscape. Is the right data available? Are there documented APIs? Do we miss certain features or technology that we need to acquire or build?

We always aim to start small with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and advise how the right technology can support this. But we also look at the future; what direction do we expect the product to grow in, and what architecture is needed to facilitate that. We start small but with the end state in mind. 

Multi-brand, multi-site & multi-lingual strategy

Many global organisations operate multiple brands in multiple markets and languages. Delivering a cost-effective whole e-commerce experience requires a flexible and scalable platform. It should consider both ‘global’ and ‘local’ needs, and there is no one size fits all type of solution here.

Advising clients and solving this puzzle has been our bread and butter since our inception.

Cloud-native infrastructure

Most clients we engage with utilise the cloud as part of their IT infrastructure or are in the midst of a cloud transformation. However, few of those are reaping all the benefits the cloud offers for building and managing your e-commerce and customer experience landscapes.

Using the cloud is different from becoming cloud-native; both are important, but the latter is often underestimated, but once implemented correctly, it yields many benefits.

Helping you become cloud-native is something we love. Since our inception, we have been cloud-native and help clients build and run e-commerce landscapes at scale. We mainly focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, and often operate these infrastructures on our clients’ behalf. This enables us to advise clients on the best cloud strategy, pros, and cons of various approaches, DevSecOps, infrastructure as code, multi-tenancy, and other cloud-native practices.