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Changing video-on-demand models, new applications of data, the use of generative artificial intelligence, the disappearance of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and sustainable innovation to reduce energy consumption within the sector – these are just a few of the challenges and opportunities within the current MediaTech landscape.

In today’s society, the role of media seems larger than ever. From big screens to tablets, streaming media to gaming platforms, and from radio to podcasts – the media is always on! How can you ensure that you remain relevant in this rapidly and profoundly changing media landscape? With our weekly newsletter, we explore together with you the developments within the ‘Content Innovation & Delivery domain’.

Prime time wordt any time


PRIME time wordt ANY time!
Sjoerd Demaret – April 2023


Generatie Alpha. Technologie is één ding… menselijke vaardigheden het andere.
Sjoerd Demaret – April 2023


Wat we van de ‘digital-fashion-industry’​ kunnen leren.
Sjoerd Demaret – April 2023


User generated gaming content wordt het helemaal…
Sjoerd Demaret – March 2023


Be personal, be relevant, be specific.
Sjoerd Demaret – March 2023

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