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Helping the world’s leading broadcasters, content owners, and TV operators deliver ground-breaking live and on-demand video services.

WeKnow.Video is our in-house framework of flexible, extendable, and reusable components that help build and maintain your OTT platform, providing a faster time-to-market, reduced risk, and lower cost of ownership. We have the expertise and experience in building custom OTT applications and live-streaming platforms to offer viewers rich, intuitive, and omnichannel experiences across platforms. A product-driven solution that suits different customer types and business models. Launcher caters to a range of content types such as VOD, live, linear TV, catch-up TV, OTT aggregation, and more.


The user experience on an OTT platform is critical, weknow.

Faster Launch.

We supply the tools and support needed to significantly reduce time-to-market, without compromising on the features and customizations that make your Launcher unique to your brand.​

Easier Management.

Our powerful configuration tool VideoControl offers a single place to manage your applications across platforms and apply dynamic UI changes in real-time. It ensures a highly functional Launcher experience across all user touchpoints.

Accelerated Growth.

Our teams offer the support needed to optimize and grow your OTT experience, including a strategic product roadmap and regular feature roll-outs based on client needs and feedback.